Official website of filmmaker Evelyn Lee, a director, writer, producer. Writer/Director of the films ‘Walls,’ ‘Perfect Stranger,’ & ‘The Name with No Face.’



4n48zukuEvelyn Lee is a director, writer, producer, distributor, and actress. She also has experience in editing, cinematography, line producing, and entertainment law. Lee has created a handful of short narrative films and documentaries, and branded content. Her films have screened at numerous festivals, and have been released theatrically, with her theatrically self-distributed short documentary becoming one of 61 eligible entries for Oscars® consideration.

She is a bilingual Mandarin speaker, and is based in New York City.

EL Films


The Name with No Face (2016, dir. Evelyn Lee)
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Perfect Stranger (2015, dir. Evelyn Lee)
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Losing Game (2014, dir. Evelyn Lee)
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Walls (2012, dir. Evelyn Lee)
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